Reviews & Testimonials

“Completed in my own home at the weekend. Informative, clear and concise. Plenty of opportunity to practice along with repeating of the important information. Fantastic. Feel refreshed in my knowledge and more confident in case of an emergency”

Emily Williams
Child & Baby home course

“I've attended several first aid courses before in my capacity as a teacher, but can honestly say that this one was the best. In the comfort of a friend's home, we were all at ease and Simon's easy going nature made the course really accessible. Constant repetition of the key points and succinct summary at the end meant that I came away feeling really informed and prepared. The fact that he was unfazed by 4 babies roaming around and 'helping out' made it so much easier for us mummies. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs a crash course in first aid (whether you've done one before, or not!) - 5 stars!! *****”

Emma Claire Mayes
Child & Baby home course

“I was so nervous about doing a first aid course. But Simon was really good and made it fun, from start to finish. It was a very relaxed environment and I now feel confident with the training I had. Would highly recommend him”

Gemma Weller

“Simon came to our house to do the 2.5 hour first aid course for us and two other couples. He covered a huge amount in a short period of time and the focus that Simon puts on repeating the basics really helps to hammer it in.
He is a really friendly tutor, doesn't mind any questions and was happy to go over anything we were unsure of. There is a lot of information so you do have to try to focus but at the same time we didn't struggle having 3 babies less than 3 months old in the room. Anything you may miss during nappy changes etc. Simon is happy to go back over and he works well around any interruptions.
Very helpful for peace of mind if you have young children.
For the cost this is great value and would definitely recommend it if you are due or have recently had a baby”

Selina Farthing
Child & Baby Home Course

“I really enjoyed my training day. Simon was engaging, entertaining and informative. I felt as though I retained all the knowledge and was not bored at all. The interactive elements really helped me get into the mindset of acting quickly and Simon gave me the confidence that I would be equipped to help someone in an emergency situation”

Christina Wood

“Had my first aid course today and Simon was AMAZING!!! He managed to keep our attention all afternoon and he made all the terms and techniques that was teaching us super understandable and the way he goes over and over the important stuff makes you really learn and you leave the course feeling confident on what you learnt! I recommend him 100% thanks Simon for the class today!!! It was awesome!!!”

Amalia Novellino-Wong

“I can't recommend this course highly enough. Simon came out to us in Brighton and managed to lead us through all the first aid basics with 7 couples and 8 very noisy newborn babies with good humour and patience. Essential for anyone in need of a first aid refresher with a new baby or child to look after”

Emma Jamison
Child & Baby Home course

“Can't recommend the baby first aid course enough. Simon is a fantastic teacher, he made sure we understood throughout although first aid is serious and important to know he made it fun and interesting along the way, he did all of this with 4 babies/toddlers in the class wanting to get involved. Feel like I learnt so much and would confidently be able to help in a situation I wouldn't of been able to before especially when it comes to being a new mum. Learning how to aid in children choking is definitely a good idea, doing it in a group of friends at someone's home and making an afternoon of it was great!”

Steph Ulloa
Child & Baby Home course

“I totally recommend the baby/child first aid course to any new mums/aunties/uncles/grandparents or anyone looking after children for any length of time. In fact, the chances are you're more likely to need to use first aid on someone else's child, therefore everyone should do it. Simon was brilliant, he was lovely and had a great sense of humour - perfect balance of making the course light hearted but also making sure we all understood the importance of it and remembered everything. He emphasised and repeated key points and god knows how he did such a good job with 4 babies crawling/running riot! It was really relaxed being in my home and Simon wasn't at all put off by nappy changes/rustling cheese puff packets or tired whining! Great value for money, very informative and great to do with a group of Mum friends. A must for everyone. Thanks Simon!”

Julie Blake
Child & Baby Home course

“I couldn't recommend Simon or his courses more highly. I booked (along with a group of freinds) as I'm forever concerned about my two little ones choking... Simon showed us how to deal with my worst nightmare and I now feel confident that should something awful ever happen, I have the skills and the guts to deal with it. Thank you heaps, Simon! x”

Libby Raynsford
Child & Baby Home course

“Very informative and enjoyable evening last night with mummy friends and grandparents learning baby and child first aid. Simon crammed a lot of information in to 3hours with lots of emphasise and repetition on the real important life saving stuff to hammer it in. Learning how a defibrillator works was particularly interesting. Thanks for coming all the way out to us and would highly recommend this short course for anyone with small children in their family”

Caroline Siggs
Child & Baby Home course

"Very informative well delivered emergency first aid course from Life Performance, highly recommended!"

Georgia Raffan
Fitness Trainer

"I attended a first aid session and was really impressed. I have taken a lot away from the course and now feel a lot more confident if an emergency was to arise. Thank you! "

Sarah Fehners

"Fab first aid course delivered by Life Performance. Really informative, engaging and fun. Lots of techniques learned and really liked the way Simon repeated teaching techniques to make sure they stuck in our brains should the time come where we need to act. Will definitely be booking Life Performance again in 3 years! "

Chloe Dekowski
Fitness Trainer

"I have just attended the 2 hour Sunday course which was great and very informative. Really focused on what we as the group wanted to get out of it, and I now feel confident again in giving first aid should the need arise. Thanks LifePerformance!"

Donna Turner
child and baby home course

"Been saying I'll do a first aid course since I had my son 14 months ago, finally did one and so glad I did! Great delivery and I liked the fact that Simon kept revisiting things from earlier in the session to help it stick. Definitely do this course, especially if you're a parent!"

Cheryl Buckley

"Really excellent course run by Life Performance great delivery and so handy to have it in home setting too. Great repetition in order to help the points stick-thank you very much!"

Nicky Griffiths
Child and baby home course

"Just completed a fab session with Life Performance in our home. We are expecting our first child in a few weeks and we wanted to be equipped with the relevant knowledge if we needed to use it. very informative , educational , and allowing demonstrations throughout the session has left us feeling more confident.
I highly recommend anyone to do this course. Thank you Life Performance "

Row Smith
Child and baby home course

"We had a 2h session held at a friends house with a group of us and cannot recommend this course enough. It was very informative and I left feeling a could give first aid a good go if needed. There was plenty of demonstrations and time to have a practice ourselves. Simon’s way if teaching is great and easy going. I would recommend this course to anyone and especially those with little ones."

Tracy Hickey
Child and baby home course

"Training organised for Bumps a Babies antenatal group. The training was very straight forward to organise and professionally run. Everything was explained simply by Simon and in a way that was helpful to remember. The training covered all the important basics in a short space of time. Simon is clearly very knowledgeable and was able to answer specific questions we had around first aid as first time parents. I would highly recommend Simon's service to anyone interested in first aid training and would certainly use Simon again for any top up training in the future. Thank you Simon for the excellent training!"

Philippa MB Sanniez
Child and baby home course

"The Legacy Team would like to thank Simon and Life Performance for the brilliant first aid course that was run for us - extremely professional, user friendly training. Thanks also for your continued support with our charity efforts - you're helping to make a difference in young people's lives Best Wishes Tiff and Adam"

The Legacy Project

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these classes. Simon has facilitated my First Aid training in 2012 and also 2015. His teaching style is very empowering. Indeed when I had to offer First Aid in 2013 I felt confident to do so"

Samantha Robbins
Sussex Zest

"Great approach, in a friendly manner. Not intimidating at all! Great course. Should be a must"

Jill Pitcher Sayers

"Fantastic 3 hour First Aid Course, highly recommend esp if you have children. Covers everything you need to know, very thorough and well presented"

Kate Hope

"My staff and I completed a 3 day FAW course run by Life Performance. I can honestly say the course supassed my expectations on every level. We all enjoyed ourselves thanks to the relaxed and fun (yes fun!) delivery, the various teaching techniques and the pace of the course. We all passed and will be continuing to use Life Performance for our training needs"

Niki Barnes
Leonard and co

"Definitely would recommend. Great presentation, very enjoyable and educational. Many thanks"

Eva Simms
Hedgehogs Nursery

"Great first aid course, excellent presentation to make it easily understandable and comprehensive and yet a fun, enjoyable day! The best first aid course I've done!"

Simone Hawkins
Smart PT

"Thank you Simon for the fantastic First Aid full day course. The day was exceptionally well presented and time managed. We covered so much, the content was precise and you ooooozed energy and motiVATion for the group. I felt really positive after and that is so important in learning. Would highly recommend and will book again soon. Thank you."

Bex Jutson
Hurstpierpoint College

"The first aid course that Simon did for my friends and I was great. I would definitely recommend anyone to take the course as its so informative. I know now, if I am ever in a situation I won't panic and will feel confident to act. I will be looking to do a refresher course with Simon next year. Thanks Simon"

Ella Finn
Child/baby home course

"I’m a mother of 3 and thought it wise to undertake some First aid training. Life Performance came to my house and along with 5 other local mothers we covered topics such as CPR, choking, bleeding, Asthma, breaks etc. I can’t recommend this course enough. Life Performance will tailor the time and content to your needs. Very useful. Thank you so much."

Ann Healey
Child/Baby home course

"Highly recommend Simon from Life Performance, 3 hour First Aid Course, covered everything from CPR, choking, burns, fits, how to apply bandages plus loads more. Essential information especially if you have children."

Sarah Dunne

"Would highly recommend Simon and Life Performance for First Aid courses. His personality really comes across which makes the course great fun and hugely educational. Thank you Simon, informative content and brilliant delivery!"

Jenny Weller

"Very informative well delivered emergency first aid course from Simon, highly recommended!"

Georgia Rafian

"Fab first aid course delivered by Simon. Really informative, engaging and fun. Lots of techniques learned and really liked the way Simon repeated teaching techniques to make sure they stuck in our brains should the time come where we need to act. Will definitely be booking Simon again in 3 years!"

Chloe Dekowski
Child/baby home course

"Thank you Simon for a very thorough 3 hour first aid course - I learnt so much and will be buying a first aid kit tomorrow! I would highly recommend you. Parents, no excuses, you must attend!!"

Claire Holmes
Child/baby home course

"Simon came to my house and did baby first aid with my friends and I. It was excellent and he made us all feel more confident if an accident was to happen"

Hayley Lea
Child/baby home course

"Simon was a great teacher today. The pace of the course was great. He adapted the content to our requirements. He took time to ensure we understood everything. Some great humour throughout. Well worth the money and would highly recommend. Thank you. 5 stars."

Ben price
Child and baby home course

"I hosted a three hour first aid course with four other mothers - all with limited time due to childcare timing demands. It was a great success and all those who attended felt it was very useful and informative. We all have children and have... experienced various situations where first aid knowledge would have been useful. It gave us a brush up on knowledge we already had, taught us things we did not know, gave us more confidence to assist in an emergency situation and cope with a situation which may arise with our own offspring with whatever scrapes they might find themselves in or dealing with their known medical conditions. Simon pitched the overview perfectly and certainly crammed a lot of information into the time available with information being shared by role play and demonstrations. Simon answered all questions thrown at him. We could not recommend this course enough"

Karen Jooste
Child/baby home course

"Great first aid course today with Simon from Life Performance. Thoroughly recommend it for everyone. You could save a life. I would never use anyone else!"

Tanith Lee
Tanith Lee PT

"I completed the 3 day FAW course and look forward to the next one! Very impressive, if you had told me what I would be comfortable and competent doing before the course I would have laughed! Thank you!"

David Rigby

"Fun, 3 days with a serious side. The learning structure was perfect and Simon made sure we were all very competent in the subject matter."

Paula Dixon

"We took on Life performance at very short notice to qualify our staff. They were happy to help out and cheaper than our current providers. The course was professional, relaxed and enjoyed by all. All staff are now fully qualified first aiders and we will not hesitate to use Life performance in the future"

Tom Adelson
Human resources

"We had just a small group of 3 including myself, my daughter aged 14 and my nephew same age. Simon made us feel relaxed and we all learnt such a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the session. I would definately recommend Simon for both professional and personal first aid courses particularly as my daughter struggles with groups and anxiety but really relaxed and felt confident throughout., wouldnt hesitate to contact Simon in the future when my daughter progresses through her childcare education."

Wendy, Lottie and Sam
Child and baby home course

"Today I went to a first aid session at a friend’s house. Simon was friendly, fun and very informative. The session was jam packed with information and practical demonstrations which were really helpful. I definitely feel prepared if I were to be put in an emergency situation. Very highly recommended. Thanks Simon"

Mandy Payne
Child and baby home course


“After having our first baby a few months ago, my husband and I thought it would be a good idea to know some first aid just in case. We booked Simon for an at home course and a couple of our friends also attended. We were not dissapointed. The course was very informative and instructed in a repetitive manner which really helped us absorb the key information.
Simon is polite, relaxed and friendly. He had no issues with me running off to prepare a feed for my daughter and was so patient with the children (and us adults).
I would thoroughly recommend booking Simon for your first aid training requirements”

Gemma Wilson
Child & Baby Home Course

“So wonderful that I could organise a course in my own home, with 2 children under 2 this was so easy, Simon was very flexible and understanding when I had to rearrange, his method of teaching was informal and relaxed which made for a perfect learning experience, also took the toddler and baby distractions in his stride. I would recommend anyone to learn theses essential life saving skills and to be able to have a course taught in your own home is a fantastic relaxed experience, let's hope i never have to use any of it !! But feel much better equipped if I do, thank you”

Lisa Tahney
Child & Baby Home Course

“I did the 2.5hrs Baby and Child First Aid course with three friends and my mum and we all found it incredibly useful. Simon explained everything clearly to us and we all had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to put into practice on the training manikins what we had learnt. I certainly feel a lot more equipped should anything arise where First Aid is required and the cards Simon gave us will definitely be kept safely in my wallet so I always have them to hand. I highly recommend this course for anyone with young children”

Rebecca Batney
Child & Baby Home Course

“We all thought Simon’s course was amazing and I can only highly recommend it. In fact I think everyone should have to do a course like this in my opinion and Simon makes it so easy- he comes to your house and the price is very fair too.
I had done a paediatric first aid course before but felt I needed a refresher course. My first course was a weekend course and Simon spend 2.5 hours with us but I actually felt I learnt more in the 2.5 hours with Simon than in the weekend course I had done before.
He has such a great teaching style and was able to deal with two crazy toddlers trying to distract him non-stop.
In the 2.5 hours he spent with us he covered all the most important areas and we even had time to practice”

Kat Bu
Child & Baby Home Course

“I booked the 2.5 hour baby/child course for my NCT group- our babies are around 5 months old now, and particularly with weaning & moving on the horizon I certainly felt I needed to brush up on first aid. Having never done a course before, my prior knowledge was at best sketchy, but after the course I definitely feel much more confident. There was repeated focus on CPR and choking, with coverage of other medical emergencies such as burns & broken bones. Although the main focus for us was babies & children, adult first aid was also addressed. The morning was packed with information, opportunities to ask questions, & time to practise. Simon was a great source of information & I would highly recommend the course for others”

Emma Richards
Child & Baby Home Course

“Would absolutely recommend the baby and child course for any new parents, grandparents and babysitters. Very informative, lots of demonstrations and opportunity to practice. Simon was more than happy to clarify every concept and answer any questions we had (however silly they may have been!). We all feel significantly more confident in knowing how to accurately respond in emergency situations”

Stacey Weller
Child & Baby Home Course

“Enjoyed every minute totally recommend to everyone.. comfort in your own home so feel more relaxed and now feel more confident about carrying out first aid”

Denise Hoad
Child & Baby Home Course

“Fantastic! Simon was lovely, super friendly and funny and taught the lesson at a good pace repeating vital information to help you remember everything you need in an emergency! Feel much better knowing all he taught us and feel confident using it in an emergency! Recommend 100%”

Hannah Packham
Child & Baby Home Course

“This was a really great evening! Simon really knows his stuff and knows how to get that information of first aid into your head! I would defiantly recommend this course to others”

Carl Sharon Smith
Child & Baby Home Course

“Simon was very knowledgeable, approachable and thorough. He answered all our questions and was happy to repeat anything missed as a result of nappy changes/feeds etc. from the babies in the room. He reiterated the important points on numerous occasions to ensure we had grasped the basics. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you”

Angela Oxly
Child & Baby Home Course

“I would highly recommended this course to anyone and everyone, what a fantastic Course. I left feeling very confident on what to do in certain situations. Simon's way of teaching is very efficient and he made it fun for all the group. I will be recommending this to all of my friends!!”

Charlotte Gates Akehurst
Child & Baby Home Course

"Great approach, in a friendly manner. Not intimidating at all! Great course. Should be a must"

Jill Pitcher-Sayers

"Great course, covered everything I needed to know and delivered in a friendly relaxed manner. Can't recommend Life Performance highly enough"

Bryony Sinclair

"Thank you Life Performance for a very thorough 3 hour first aid course - I learnt so much and will be buying a first aid kit tomorrow! I would highly recommend you. Parents, no excuses, you must attend!!"

Claire Holmes
child and baby home course

"Did my first ever First Aid course with Life Performance as I have started Swoove fitness classes in the local area. The course was very clear and concise and gave me all the grounding I needed to feel confident that I could handle an emergency if it arose in the class - or elswhere for that matter. Highly recommended."

Eluned Woollven
Fitness Trainer

"Life Performance was recommended to us to run a first aid course for myself and a group of my NCT friends. The course was great, Simon was clear and knowledgeable and we've all come away feel more confident that we could deal with an emergency situation. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend... "

Kerry Welsh
child and baby home course

"Booked a session with Life Performance with some mum friends so we could be more confident if we ever needed to use first aid on our children. He was fantastic! Very informative and covered all the important stuff we need to save lives e.g. Choking, CPR etc. Highly recommend esp if you have children "

Katherine Smythe
child and baby home course

"I took my first aid course with Life Performance a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I'd done a 3 day course 3 years ago and left thinking I didn't really remember much! The way Simon teaches is so laid back and easy to understand. I left feeling like I had really learnt something even though I'd only done the 1 day course. I would recommend his courses to anybody looking to learn first aid! Thank you Simon! "

Jemma Taylor

"I booked Life Performance to come and do a first aid course for myself, husband and stepson and several other family members who will be involved in the care of my 4 month old. We really enjoyed the afternoon, it was informative and engaging, and told us all we needed to know about emergency first aid. I would definitely recommend Life Performance if you would like to feel more confident about providing care for those around you if the worst happens. Amy Fletcher child and baby home course
2hr session held in our home last night... The most valuable learning you will ever do.... We have just had our first baby and this course is the best gift we could give him! Hopefully you never have to use it but to be prepared is the best you can do! "

Claire Blakemore
Child and baby home course

"Simon came to our house today to do a priVATe, flexible first aid session for a group of NCT friends. We all have children of around 11 months who are becoming mobile and more inquisitive. Inevitably this will lead to scrapes and bangs and so wanted a knowledge of how to deal with this when it happens. With 6 adults flitting in and out doing nappy changes, feeds and naps for 3 babies we were a tough crowd, but Simon was excellent, tailoring the course to our specific interests and ensuring that everyone was involved despite the constant disruptions. Professional, funny, very accommodating and would highly recommend. The relaxed atmosphere meant we learnt a lot more as we were comfortable asking questions and being amongst friends more willing to practice different scenarios. As a parent you hope you never need to give a child CPR or deal with choking but after today I feel better equipped and more confident in dealing with this. Thanks Simon!"

Nicola Price
Child and baby home course

"Simon recently ran a excellent 3 hour first aid course for me and a group of friends in my home. It was a great course , fun, well pitched and I definitely feel confident to deal with an emergency situation. Highly recommend for all parents. Thanks Simon."

Jo Roberts
Child and baby home course

"I attended a first aid session and was really impressed. I have taken a lot away from the course and now feel a lot more confident if an emergency was to arise. Thank you!"

Sarah Fehners
Child and baby home course

"Great course, covered everything I needed to know and delivered in a friendly relaxed manner. Can't recommend Simon highly enough."

Bryony Sinclair

"Thank you Simon for the fantastic First Aid full day course. The day was exceptionally well presented and time managed. We covered so much, Thank you"

Dale Jutson
Newstar Electrical

"First aid course was great! Fun and informative Simon was an amazing trainer and kept things interesting! Definitely recommend from everyone at the Style Lounge"

Sarah Packer
The Style Lounge!

"Great course from Simon - fun, friendly, and delivered really well."

Steve Corke
Training for warriors

"Great course, super informative and useful. Everyone should know how to do first aid!"

Alex Mcabe
Fitta Mumma

"What a great course and presented amazingly. Simon has trained all of the instructors at Switch Gym and will continue to do so. The pace of the course was perfect."

Chris Patch
Switch Gym

"A very well presented, very informative first aid course. Simon engaged well with the group and made it fun to learn. I had lots of positive feed back from all the participants. Highest recommendations from myself and all at RDP Group (UK) Ltd. Thank you Simon!"

Sarah Phillips

"I brought Simon in for a first aid course for my employees. I choose LP because after speaking to Simon he could offer me a very 'industry specific' course. He aimed his course at what the main hazards/injuries we would come across eg falling from height, shocks, cuts etc. adapting the course to what my employees understand and relate to was a huge bonus. I've used companies before who have based the course on kitchen burns etc which didn't hold an audience well! I would thoroughly recommend LP for their knowledge, adaptability and working standards. I've already booked them in for our follow up. Highly recommended. Rob Becvar - Director, RBPM Maintenance Solutions"

Rob Becvar

"Had a great day with life Performance, I found the one day course extremely informative and was made enjoyable by a very friendly and helpful instructor I would certainly recommend to others"

Suzanne Ellmer
Digital Box

"The course was 3 full days and with a lot of information to take in, however Life Performance made it enjoyable as well as informative, resulting in us feeling a lot more confident if having to treat someone."

Anna Pendry
Fun Stars

"I completed the four day First at Work course. I was nervous to start with knowing there would be role play but it was soon a course I thoroughly enjoyed doing. The content was perfect, gave enough details and it flowed nicely. The Life Performance instructor was great and happy to answer any questions thrown at him. A course which was a pleasure and very worthwhile doing!"

Clare Hale
Holiday Taxis

"I recently attended a First Aid at Work course instructed by Life Performance. I would like to recommend their courses to everyone. The instructor was very informative, knowledgeable and above all made the course interesting and enjoyable, which on previous courses elsewhere has not been the case. I will definitely update my qualification with Life Performance when it comes around again and send my health club staff to Life Performance to get qualified."

Lee Basset
Swim 1st Tri club

"I have used Simon in both the capacity of a personal trainer and as a Health and Safety advisor/trainer for my Company. In the capacity of a trainer I have always found Simon to be reliable and informative, he is never short of new ideas to make sessions interesting and challenging. His advice on diet and nutrition have been excellent and my health has continually improved since I started following this advice. I was happy to use Simon as he was establishing his Health and Safety consultancy as I knew he would be well prepared and organised. Although not present at the sessions the feedback I have received has been excellent. Simon was patient, knowledgeable and informative, he also brought a fun dimension into the sessions which made for easier learning. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon in any capacity as he is a credit to his profession, a hard working and professional person who is also a great guy !"

Peter Hilton
Holiday Taxis

"I recently completed a First at Work refresher course with Life Performance. The instructor, , was extremely professional making the course interesting, varied and fun. He is very approachable and happy to answer questions (however silly!) I particularly enjoyed the "hands-on" approach which kept my attention at all times. Thank you Simon, see you for my next refresher!"

Kim Corby

"I have used Life Performance for our staff training for the last 5 years, they always do a superb job and staff are left confident in deal with a first aid incident."

Amy Scott
Human Resource

"I recommend the Emergency Aid course to any company needing first aid cover. We bought Life Performance in to teach the staff. After expecting a tedious lecture, we were surprised at how we all really enjoyed the day. A refreshing approach and a wealth of information. Thank you."

Jane Rammond

"The 3 days went very quickly, all of the staff were nervous about the exam but had plenty of training, reassurance and we all sailed through. Enjoyable course."

Jane Phillips
Fitness Trainer

"I completed the 3 day FAW. A well-structured, informative and enjoyable course, great teacher. I’m happy to recommend Life Performance"

Simon Jenkins

"Great 3 day course, I think I can vouch for all of the staff when I say we learnt a lot! We’ll be back for our re-certs!"

Andrew Parnell

"I have been doing FA courses for 13 years thanks to my job. The course was very informative and enjoyable, I feel more competent on leaving this course than I have done with any other."

Sarah Henley